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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180402

FROM: Gladstone TO: Brisbane

DATE: 3 April 2018

POSITION: Pancake Creek

REPORT BY: White Watch

After spending the night at Pancake Creek, we started the morning with a hike up to the Bustard Head Lighthouse. There we were taken on a tour by the lighthouse keepers, who showed us the lighthouse itself, as well as two museums showing the history of the lighthouse and the people who lived there. After walking back down to the shore, a few of us were able to go for a quick swim before heading back to the boat for lunch. Unfortunately both Jenna and Sydney took a wrong turn the way back and were almost left behind, but after mustering off, and noticing two people on the beach, we returned to pick them up, with everyone safe and accounted for. Or so thought, as soon after being rescued from the beach, Sydney noticed a gargantuan spider on Jenna’s back!

After lunch, we started to continue our journey, heading to Fraser Island. However, after an hour of sailing through extreme conditions, with the boat on a 35 degree angle, water flooding the deck and winds of approx. 40 knots, we decided to head back.

In the safe refuge of Pancake creek we decided to hone our back stay and knot tying skills through competition. The white watch taking the win in both, obviously being the best watch. This was then followed by a heart-warming dinner cooked by the incredible Hugh. To unwind, the crew relaxed by playing cards and watching the sunset, due to the night ahead on-board being at anchor.

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