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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE:                     Silkwood #3

VOYAGE NO:               20210503

DATE:                          07 May 2021

POSITION:                   Tangalooma, Moreton Island

REPORT BY:                  White watch.

A 5:45am, we polished the brass and it was freezing, after a few minutes Hugo woke everyone up with the bugle. We went up on the deck and hoisted the sails and set course to Moreton Island and practised knots while waiting for a competition.

We all got ready and onto the dinghy for snorkelling, it was very beautiful and it was swarming with fish after that we went back to shore and Oliver tried to re-build the sand castle while Ayken and Hugo went up a sand dune. After they ran down Oliver was abused with sand and salt water.

After getting back on the dinghy we headed back to the boat, and ate a delicious meal made by Hugh. The concert in the evening was quite funny to all the students but the teachers and crew didn’t get it so it was awkward.

At the end we all started singing and had a great time and Hugo played the didgeridoo and then went to bed.

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