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South Passage Daily Report

VOYAGE: Silkwood #2
VOYAGE NO: 20210426
DATE: Wednesday, 28th April 2021
POSITION: Surfers Paradise
REPORT BY: Samara AKA Birthday girl

We started off at the Blakely’s where we were anchored for the night. We woke up at 6:30am were we started our day off with a pep talk from the skipper, then proceeded with a knotting comp, red won. Then Cath served us with an amazing hot breakfast on a chilly morning ….. YUM!!

We set sail and began our journey towards Surfers Paradise. Where we got in our watches, and rotated positions. Unfortunately whilst passing a dredge anchored in the channel, we got stuck in mud. So we lowered or sails and our anchor and waited for the tides to rise, so we could continue.

By the time the tides rose it was 8:00pm so we turned our ship around and headed straight towards Surfers to see the city lights, it was amazing. By 10pm we anchored and as part of appreciation to our crew we put on a show. We sang a song and the boys did a funny yoga class. Also in celebration of my birthday (Samara) my amazing classmates and teachers sang happy birthday to me…. I cried. Cath then brought out a smash cake she made and I smashed it with my head. We then said goodnight and went to bed for tomorrows new journey.

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