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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Gold Youth Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20210405

FROM: Gladstone to Manly

DATE: 10 April 2021

POSITION:  Horseshoe Bay, Peel Is

REPORT BY: Red Watch

We started the day and ended the day on watch, being the best watch and the only one that is trustworthy. This morning we woke at 4am to clean the brass in Tangalooma, Moreton Island. We then woke the others at 6:30am by attempting to play the bugle, but really making some sort of screeching sound to wake all the other slackers up. Today’s knot was the sheet bend in the morning, followed by a rolling hitch later in the afternoon. We ate breakfast and cleaned before raising the anchor to move closer to the wrecks.

After anchoring once more, we went snorkelling and sand dune climbing (and falling) from 9 – 11am. Whilst snorkelling, we saw a turtle, big barracuda, a wobbygong and millions of fish! We dinghy-ed back and jumped off the boat to go swimming. We did backflips and belly flops, and continued the tradition of trying to kiss the mermaid… only some were successful. Reyne annoyed everyone by standing on the rail for half an hour before jumping off and failing miserably, landing straight on his back ending with horrible red welts that looked like the continent of Africa.

Following this we ate lunch which was Mexican beef burritos, prepared by our wondrous cook Hugh, who should be a chef in a 5 star restaurant! His dress sense is as good as his cooking, with nautical themed shirts.

We then raised the anchor once more lead by our newly elected Bosuns; and set sail from Tangalooma to Peel Island. During the journey, the weather was sunny with barely any wind. The deck was so hot, our feet were melting. Afternoon tea was delicious lamingtons.  Our First Mate initiated a competition where each watch estimated our arrival time, with a consumable prize on offer for the winner. The competition was a little rigged as the speed was changed after Red Watch already entered their guesses. The winner was some pleb in White watch, and they won a Freddo frog.

Following another delicious and final dinner (a rare menu appearance of pork chops and schnitzels for the vegos), Skipper began the election for our command crew. This involves electing a Skipper, Sailing master and Navigator. The winners were Blake, Emily and Mikki who were chosen by a blind voting system. Red watch then began our evening watch from 8pm – 12am by practicing our knot for the next day competition, the double sheet bend. This knot is worth double points, meaning the watch that wins, wins the whole comp… Pressure is on. The weather remains clear with a cool breeze, and we are surrounded by many boats who seem to be partying. We are currently devising our master plan to lower the dinghy and go join them.

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