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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Lorien Novalis School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20191027

FROM: Port Stephens To: Sydney

DATE: 30 October 2019

POSITION:  Coasters Retreat, Pittwater

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Today was the second last day of our voyage. After such a big day yesterday, we were happy to relax a little. We spent a lot of the day ashore swimming and going on multiple hikes in bushy areas. Before landing opposite Palm Beach we did a few tacks, and we have somewhat gotten into a rhythm as a team, because in reality, it’s all about the friends we made along the way.

This morning we were on watch from 4am. While on watch we learned a new knot: the sheet bend; and we (finally) won another knot competition with ease because we practiced (again, we are more and more working like a team), and the other teams were just a little slow. We dragged them far away from the sweet smell of victory. The children cried and whined as their knots fell apart all over the wet deck. Sweet, sweet victory.

After winning with ease, we stuffed our faces with a delicious breakfast of pancakes. Thank god for Travacalm. Those pancakes stayed right down. We raised the sails, and summoned the wind from the sea in a time of great need. Jett and Sabine

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