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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE NUMBER:  20191101

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 2 November 2019

POSITION:  Frenchman’s Bay

REPORT BY: White Watch

We polished the brass and did a fantastic job. We woke the cadets and staff up at 0630 with a bugle. We had cereal and juice, then competed in a knot competition where we came 1st in one round and 2nd in another. Then there was hot breakfast with scrambled eggs, beans and toast.

We pulled the anchor up and set the sails – white watch was on the main sail, blue watch was on the jib and red watch was on the fore sail. We sailed through Sydney Harbour and passed through the heads.

We then went in watch order to have lunch. After lunch was over, we started tacking many times. A few cadets were seasick. We saw a few dolphins. There was a rogue wave and we almost lost the jib which was quickly retrieved.

We then arrived in Frenchman’s Bay where we took down the sails and anchored. Sailing Master Phill got hit in the forehead by the block connected to the boom, but he’s OK.

Cadets jumped/dived off the South Passage whilst the rest of the cadets were showering. Then we had chicken drumsticks for dinner. Our final duty of the night was to bring up the tender.

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