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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Central Coast Steiner School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20191104

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 5 November 2019

POSITION:  Store Bay, Sydney Harbour

REPORT BY: White Watch

White Watch had an early morning watch from 4-8 am. We started by taking a few bearings and polishing the brass. The brass is located at the helm, on the wheel and bell. We also polished the bugle, which we then used to wake everyone up. When everyone first woke up, we had cold breakfast and headed up to the deck for our rope tying contest, Tuesday morning’s knot was a reef knot. Afterwards we had hot breakfast which consisted of eggs, baked beans and toast.

After the morning’s events we prepared and raised the sails and sailed around Sydney Harbour for a few hours. During the exciting journey, Red Watch completed their shift and White Watch took over. While on watch we had to gybe the sails but it was difficult as the wind was extremely strong.

Eventually we reached Store Bay, anchored and took the tender to shore. We all swam for a while and played on the beach. Unfortunately there were oysters that cut a few students, but no one was seriously injured.

Back at the ship a while later, we had a second rope tying contest that White Watch won. The knot was a figure-eight knot. We won by many seconds and it was our second win.

Dinner started shortly after. The cook, Hugh made us a lovely meal of bangers and mash. We all sat at the front of the ship and sang while eating peaches and custard for dessert. Shortly after we all went down to the bunk room and got ready for bed.

Three of the White Watch: Arabella, Avalon and Indira started their night watch at 8:50pm and after went to sleep in their cosy bunks.

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