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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Trinity Catholic College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20191213

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 13 December 2019


REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Today we boarded the ship and were sorted into our watch crews. We got onto the ship at Farm Cove and had an excellent view of the Opera House as well as the Harbour Bridge. There were hundreds of boats zooming around the harbour that captain Damo had to dodge so that we did not sink like the Titanic. Sorry the Titanic didn’t sink because of a ship but it hit an iceberg.

We then motored to Rose Bay where we anchored. We then set up our beds and were told our watch shifts. We chose our bearings to triangulate our position then also measured the wind using a super high tech gadget. We practiced our knot tying skills for tomorrow’s competition against the other watch crews. We did some with one hand, on one foot and with our eyes closed. Blue watch is the best and is going to win tomorrows competition against red watch and white watch.

Tomorrow we will be raising the sails and venturing out through the Heads into the open ocean where Nemo was from. Wait you can’t forget Dory because she forgets everything herself. Our goal is to get to Broken Bay to see the waterfall, but due to the drought the waterfall may not be running. Apparently there is going to be deadly stingrays and jellyfish. At least they scare the sharks away!

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