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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Mullumbimby High School


FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 12 March 2020

POSITION:  Mud Island

REPORT BY: Red Watch

Today we woke up and had breakfast, it was bacon and eggs, then we got ready and went snorkelling at the shipwreck. We saw lots of different fish and when we were feeding them with bread, they were surrounding us and some people got bitten. We also saw turtles, stingrays and eels and while others were waiting to go snorkelling they went sand sliding, some people went flying across the sand while the others face planted right into the sand.

We came back on the dinghy and had a delicious lunch, it was soft tacos. Then we started to set sail, we did the jib and the stay sail. We tacked lots of times and it was quite rough and wet. We were on first watch and we almost all got a go at doing everything. After that I (Abi) felt tired and came down and laid down in Madi’s bed and then got kicked out after a while then laid in Mia’s bed and then Madi said I could lay in her bed. Afterward a few of the gang came down and we played Uno and Cards Against Humanity until the others lowered the Anchor and pulled down the sails, by then it was dinner time.

For dinner we had a nice chicken stir fry. While we waited for dessert the girls pulled out their cameras and we took so many photos of everyone. Then we had an election on who is going to do what tomorrow. In the end we decided on Tony being the skipper, Mia is the navigator and Seamus is the sail master. After that we broke into our watch groups and voted on who was going to be our watch leaders for tomorrow. Obviously we chose Pia because she is the most organised out of the group, I thought she was best for the job.

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