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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Somerset College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20200907

FROM: Hervey Bay to Manly

DATE: 7 September 2020

POSITION:  Moon Point

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

The day started bright and early at 6 AM at the gates of our school. We waved goodbye to family and swiftly set off on the road, and after 5 and a half hours filled with bus karaoke, we finally arrived at Hervey Bay. We were greeted by the friendly faces of the South Passage crew. We were gathered by our group leaders and assigned our watch groups for the voyage. We quickly started learning all about sailing the two mast ship that was to be our home for the next four days. After a briefing and delicious sandwich lunch, we set our eyes on our destination – Manly.

The rain and rough winds gave us some difficulties when handling the sails, but after some determination and sore hands we were able to push through the tough weather. We were even able to strap ourselves to the front of the ship and sit on the net that hung over the water! Our excitement rose with the sails and the sun as we continued on through the afternoon. We learned how to tie some knots and even held a competition (although the blue watch didn’t win). Some teams practiced all day, while some – let’s just say the time they took practicing really showed in the heat of the competition.

The day wound down as we saw land approaching our ship. With some delicious dinner of chicken drumsticks and the works, and the uproarious laughter of our friends over a card game, the night dawned on us. We settled into our quarters as some of our friends prepared for their watches over the night. As tired as we are, we’re sure we speak for all of the Year 11 Somerset sailors in saying that we are definitely looking forward to tomorrow. Libby & Vasquez

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