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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Silver Youth Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20200922

FROM: Manly to Hervey Bay

DATE: 23 September 2020

POSITION:  Tangalooma Wrecks, Moreton Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

We woke up at 5am to start our first watch. During this time we wrote in our notebooks and polished the brass on the helm, bell and bugle which Josh blew to wake everyone up. We had our cold breakfast first and then competed in a knot tying competition, the knot of the morning was the reef knot, and we came 2nd. We had our hot breakfast after the knot tying competition and prepared to raise the anchor. We raised the anchor with the manual capstan, where we had four people turning it and swapping out every four turns, then prepared to raise the sails.

For today, white watch put up the staysail and the jib. Everyone went out onto the bowsprit, it was fun! Our watch started at 12, it was much nicer because the conditions were calmer than yesterday. We saw whales about 200m on the starboard side. As we approached Tangalooma, we dropped the sails and anchored near the ship wrecks. Before we went to the shore we jumped off the boat a couple of times, then went to shore, climbed the sand dunes and went snorkeling. There were heaps of starfish and everyone had a great time at the beach.

After we got back onto the ship we had a backstay competition in which white watch secured our first victory! Then we had a figure of eight knotting competition where blue watch won by 6 seconds. Everyone enjoyed dinner and dessert. Now we are here keeping our parents entertained by writing this log (you’re welcome). Trinity, Grace, Lilah, Josh, Axel, David

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