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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Youth Gold Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20201204

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 5 December 2020

POSITION:  Sea Way, Gold Coast

REPORT BY: Red Watch

This morning was a slow one for everyone as the sleep the night before was not overly restful because of the lack of air flow in the cabin and watch hours during the night. However, the nights should be getting easier from here on out (fingers crossed).

First up this morning saw all of the watch groups compete in a friendly competition of knot tying and the Red team took the W!!! Straight after Hot Breakfast the ship set sail from Russell Island (Hanging Powerlines) to the Gold Coast. All the watch groups changed their stationed locations on deck so everyone gets the opportunity to do all the positions on the ship in preparation for the final day which entails only (predominantly) the crew running the ship.

There was smooth sailing all day with a few stops on the way to the Gold Coast which was quite lovely as it was a scorcher on board. The new positions on deck today for the watch groups seemed more challenging than the previous positions yesterday as the crew were having to be more proactive when leading Tacks. All the crew members did however start to bond a lot more and communicate with one another so that the tacks were becoming faster and more successful.

In preparation for tomorrow everyone went out into the Ocean from the Spit in the Gold Coast to experience the larger waves and currents which was fun however quite challenging to tack as the ship was nearly fully tilted on its side.

Overall, the day was eventful and challenging however, the next few days should be absolutely gnarly!!! Emelia and Jess

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