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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Youth Gold Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20201204

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 9 December 2020

POSITION:  Off the Gold Coast

REPORT BY: Red Watch

This morning started off WAY too early, cranking up the anchor and sails in order to set off by 4am for a 24 hour journey from Clarence’s River (Yamba) to Tangalooma. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning and as the watch on duty we were able to watch the sunrise. Brekky consisted of fried eggs and leftover bangers…delicious! Sailing back up the coast channelled the feeling of accomplishment as we ticked off locations that we had passed in previous days. Many of us also got a bit sunburnt as we chillaxed and watched the dolphins…there were so many!

Around 4 in the Arvo all the watches had another knotting competition. As the competition progressed White watch took the W (I reckon they cheated). Skipper, explained his passion for knots and the untying process as well as a good lesson on Australian politics. ‘It was the bloody liberals’ he said.

As the sun began to set we all looked North West and to amazement we saw Tweed Heads but even beyond that there it was…the Gold Coast (How GOOD!!!). We made it back to Queensland turf!

Hugh made us dinner and as we ate we discussed how we were going to get through the brutal 8- 12 watch… A.G.A.I.N! ‘(It was PTSD inducing)’ – Dave 2020. Everyone made it to bed and we enjoyed ourselves watching the stars and making tea and hot chocolates. Over and out from Red Watch.

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