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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Byron Bay HS

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180312

FROM: Manly TO: Manly

DATE: 14 March 2018

POSITION: Big Sandhills

REPORT BY: White Watch

Today White Watch began our watch at 6am. Ann demonstrated the cleaning of the brass around the boat. We were then given the equipment and cleaned all the brass areas Ann advised us to. Then, we woke up the rest of the crew at 6:30am with the bugle. After, we were served a cold breakfast of cereals and fruit, and while waiting for hot breakfast the watches had a knotting competition.

Today’s knot was the reef knot. White Watch came first, then Blue Watch and Red Watch followed after. Then we were served a hot breakfast of hash browns, spaghetti, toast and porridge. After eating, we began our cleaning duties while three people washed up the dishes from breakfast.

Once we had finished that we got changed into swimmers and were taken to shore on a dinghy with our snorkelling equipment. Groups were taken in fours to go snorkelling in the artificial reef shipwrecks, and while waiting, the people on the shore played a game of capture the flag. While snorkelling, we saw beautiful reefs and an array of different species of fish. We were given bread to feed the fish and they ate out of our hands.

After, we were dropped back to the boat, got changed, and were served a lunch that consisted of burgers. The crew than got prepared to sail to the sandhills. Working together, we pulled the anchor out and then prepared the sails. With the help and guidance of our watch-leaders, we got the sails up and began our journey. White Watch was on duty from 1:30-3pm, and we all rotated through the different duties such as helm, port and starboard lookout, and the deck check. When standing at the bow of the ship against the railing, we would be drenched with water when the ship crashed into the waves, everybody was laughing and having a really good time, even the teachers. It was exhilarating and gave us an adrenaline rush.

When we reached our destination, we had another knotting competition, and this time it was the figure eight knot. This time, we came last. Dinner was then served. It was sausages, mash, beans, corn and gravy. Then followed by dessert which was strawberry cheesecake. Overall, it was a very tiring yet thoroughly enjoyable day.

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