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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220618

FROM: Cairns to Cairns

DATE: 21 June 2022


REPORT BY: White Watch

At the start of the day, we went snorkelling at the bird infested sand bank in the middle of the ocean. We looked at a lot of coral and it is to be believed that someone saw a blue ringed octopus. After this we went back on board, cleaned up and set the sails up ready for the day of sailing.

We sailed to Green Island and went swimming off the ship while some made vlogs and others worried about how we are meant to get back to Cairns on command day. After swimming off the ship, we cleaned up and had dinner then practiced our fabulous singing skills. Now we are waiting till voting to decide who shall be blamed when we don’t get back to Cairns tomorrow. Au revoir goodnight.

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