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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE NUMBER:  20220618

FROM: Cairns to Cairns

DATE: 19 June 2022

POSITION: Sudbury Reef

REPORT BY: Red Watch

The girls got a carnival ride on the bowsprit and Mr Wyatt was able to hold down the last of his protein powder. Started off the morning with a treacherous walk up the goat track to the light house on Fitzroy Island. Rastus’s ghost gave us a friendly visit as we paid our respects to his grave. On the way down Brooke decided it was a smart idea to jump over the fallen tree on to ankle snapping rock.

After a feast we set sail to Sudbury Reef. The large waves engulfed the bowsprit submerging the girls harnessed to the net, until they emerged from the depths looking like drowned rats.

Once arrived the dinghy chugged groups of students over to the beach where they were promptly sandblasted by 20 knots of winds. Whilst on the reef we had brief encounters with, starfish, schools of fish, a large sting ray and colourful coral. Mr pirate ship worked tirelessly to ferry us drowned rats back to the ship just for us to have to sit dripping wet waiting for the shower to be free. We ended our tiring day with bangers and mash and to top it all off we had chocolate Danish and custard.

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