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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Mullumbimby HS

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180305

FROM: Manly TO: Manly

DATE: 8 March 2018


REPORT BY: Red Watch

5:00–6:30 am: First light of the day, we wake up for anchor watch. We had to record the coordinates of the ship to make sure the ship hadn’t drifted away, as well as cleaning the ship. This involved polishing the steering wheel and other metallic parts around the ship with brasso. This did not end very well, with many brasso stains splashed across the freshly painted deck and golden coloured skin in some cases. We kept watch over the deck until 6:30.

6:30 am: The rest of the crew needs to be woken up to begin work for the day. To do this we have to play the bugle, (a small, valveless trumpet). Shortly after cereal is served before the chef starts cooking hot breakfast and singing God Save the Queen. After cereal we had to give the chef time to cook, so we had the knot tying competition. We came last in the knot tying comp.

8:30 am: Hot breakfast has been served and eaten and then it was time for the backstay competition. We start off very well, winning the first round against blue watch. But we inevitably come last once again. Although, this time it could be argued that it wasn’t due to our own failings…..

9:00 am: Everyone is prepared to hoist their assigned sails and begin that day’s sailing endeavour. Our watch (red watch) had been assigned to the staysail and jib (the two front sails). We achieved the hoisting of the sails in an orderly fashion and were ready to hit our destination.

11:30 am: At this time we had reached the “The Big Sand Hills” on Moorgumpin (Moreton Island), where we lowered our sails and dropped the anchor. (We’re not joking the place is actually called the Big Sand Hills. Search it up.)

3:30 pm: We arrive back on board to have afternoon tea and have a quick swim around the boat before leaving for our final destination, Green Island.

4:00 pm: This is where we are on our second watch of the day. On watch, we are all assigned jobs including starboard lookout, port lookout, navigating, deck check, and helm (steering the ship). We all got to rotate though these jobs, but, this watch was mainly dedicated to learning how to navigate and steer the ship.

6:00 pm: Green Island is where we have stopped. Once again we lowered the sails and dropped the anchor for the night.

6:30 pm: At this point, Hugh (the Man, the Myth, the Legend) is asking if we want more dinner, and preparing our dessert. After food, we vote for our new command crew (Captain, Navigator, and Sailing Master) and watch leaders, who will take over from the regular crew tomorrow and lead us back to Manly.  Jordan, Lachlan, Ashton


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