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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Mullumbimby HS

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180305

FROM: Manly TO: Manly

DATE: 7 March 2018


REPORT BY: White Watch

We woke up at 6:30 to a bugle call and had first breakfast, cereal and porridge. We then learnt the reef knot and won the competition. Hugh the cook had us come down for hash browns. We moved the boat to a shipwreck near Moreton Island and took the rubber ducky to shore and groups of 6 went snorkelling in the wreck while the rest of us rode boards down the sand dunes (100m runs down really steep dunes).

The snorkelling was amazing, there were thousands of bream and smaller fish, some parrot fish and other reef fish, and for a fisherman like me, seeing bigeye trevally was amazing. When everyone went back to the main ship, we saw dolphins and turtles before we set sail.

Then in preparation to sail, the different watches went to their respective sails, we were on the jib and stay sails, red was on the main and blue was on the fore. The sailing was pretty rough with winds of 30 knots and seas of over a metre, made the boat lean to 20 degrees, doesn’t seem like much but when you’re on board it feels like 45 degrees!

We were meaning to sail for 4-5 hours but due to prop difficulties, we just sailed straight to our destinations shelter at Mud Island, then took the sails down and the captain fixed the propeller issue in one hour and we stayed on deck and enjoyed the calmer swell and fresh air. For dinner Hugh made us bangers and mash with corn and peas and we just relaxed and rested until this watch at 8pm.


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