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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Mullumbimby HS

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180305

FROM: Manly TO: Manly

DATE: 6 March 2018

POSITION: Tangalooma, Moreton Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

For the past day it has been raining and cold everyone’s clothing and rain jackets are drenched with rain and the boat has been filled with a general feeling of sea sickness and dizziness. Other than the sickening rain, dizziness and noxious feeling the boat has been filled with experiences and if the weather wasn’t so dreary and my stomach so weak it would be an incredible experience. –layla,tammy.

Today was a great day and though the weather was bad the experiences was one not some to forget. We left port at 10AM and were out of the bay in no time, as my group (team blue) was the last group to put up our sail which was the 2 front ones, we got to watch on and see are fellow year nine mates struggle on. The sea sickness was a very common sight but I was a lucky one and seemed not to bother me.-Elia.J

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