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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Hills Grammar School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20181217

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 18 December 2018

POSITION: Refuge Cove, Broken Bay

REPORT BY: White Watch

Today we all woke up early and started the day off well. We had a delicious prepared meal from Hugh. First thing of the day was a knot challenge where each team had to tie a knot against the time to compete with the other teams. The first knot was a difficult reef knot, where white watch came last with a shocking one minute. However that did not put down our confidence, we went into the second round of knot tying with a positive attitude that allowed us to succeed and beat all the other teams with an astonishing seven seconds.

Next we had a challenge to put up the sails in the rough wind, but by working as a team and encouraging each other with a movement of “2…6…heave!” Once the sails were up our boat came out of the Sydney heads, travelling towards north past Manly Beach. Once we left the heads the water conditions changed dramatically, a few of our team members felt the sea sickness hit them, trying to feed the birds with their breakfast.

White watch sailed the boat into Refuge Cove, Broken Bay. We anchored the boat and got to have a swim on a beach with a beautiful calm waterfall. We finished off the day with some acapella from the boys of the group. Now we are heading to bed early for a bright early start in the morning again.

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