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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Hills Grammar School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20181217

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 17 December 2018


REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We boarded the boat at around 8.30 am from there we meandered around Sydney Harbour learning simple skills such as hitching and belaying. We were also shown around the boat and were familiarised with the names of each part of the boat (port being left and starboard meaning right). After this, everyone worked together to hoist the sails, Blue team was allocated to the head sails and worked to hoist them up together. Bringing up the sails took a lot of work from everyone and required sufficient teamwork.

Once the sails were up Blue team was given some time before our next job. In the two hour break other teams helped navigate the vessel under Harbour Bridge and across Circular Quay. By the time midday came around, Blue watch was sailing the ship, manning the helm and looking out for potential obstacles. After tacking around the harbour and navigating through some unexpected fog we anchored at Rose Bay and took some time to relax, swimming around the boat, competing in a knotting competition and tucking into to delicious dinner.

Overall the day was a tiring but successful introduction to the determination and teamwork that manning such a vessel requires.

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