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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Chevalier College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20181207

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 8 December 2018

POSITION: Refuge Bay

REPORT BY: White Watch

South Passage left Athol Bay, Sydney Harbour at 09:15. We took up the 50 m of anchor chain manually, hoisted the sails and began to sail out through the Heads, experiencing rough waters for the first time. At first, it was fun but the novelties soon wore off and many of us began feeling sea-sick. Tacking was at time challenging but we all volunteered to pitch in and lend a hand as many did not feel up to it.

After sailing straight through the Heads, we tacked into the wind and waves, heading north for Broken Bay. We soon got used to the ship being tilted violently to one side, although there were a few slips. Calm waters were a blessing as we passed Palm Beach and into Broken Bay approximately seven hours later. We continued to the beautiful Refuge Bay, dropping the sails and anchoring in the bay.

We were taken out on the dingy to Refuge Beach where we swam and mucked around in the afternoon sun. We came back to the ship, greeted by the smell of another amazingly delicious dinner and dessert. Again, White Watch managed to win another knot-tying contest, the second for the day! Sarah

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