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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Phillips Christian College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20181117

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 18 November 2018

POSITION: Lovett Bay, Broken Bay

REPORT BY: White Watch

During our trip on the South Passage we have learnt knot tying such as the two half hitch, reef knot, figure eight knot and the bowline. All these knots provide strength and tension to the halyard of the boat and keep the boat in place. During the first day we learnt all the knots mentioned and discovered a diagram of the boat and by the last few days we were able to do most tasks without help. During the second day we practiced these skills by preparing to tack, prepare the sails and did many knot competitions, using these techniques.

Throughout doing all practical activities, we were able to enjoy our time by swimming at Broken Bay. Members of our group overcame adversity by becoming immune to sea sickness and getting through times of difficulty on the boat. On this trip we were known as the white watch, working as a team on a boat was one of the biggest adversities overcame by this trip because we were in rough conditions.

Overall we have thoroughly enjoyed this sailing trip so far because it faces you with many obstacles that are only to be overcome by a team. Jonnie guided us through challenges with faith and encouragement in a way that was not strict but fair and she put clear boundaries. The way we push through in sailing the boat was the energy we consumed by the food cooked by Hugh, this food was amazing and kept us well fed. 9-10pm Izzy, Bella and Liz

Although nerves were high, they soon transformed into excitement as the South Passage sailed into Darling Harbour. When we boarded, we were given our teams with the amazing Leader Jonnie. We were introduced to the boat, and learnt about the different aspects and knots that we needed to learn over the next three days. We soon sailed out of the harbour, and received a hearty meal from the amazing chef, Hugh.

Although the seas were rough, White Watch pulled together at the Helm, Port Lookout, Deck Check, Tacking etc. We soon trusted each other, and came closer together as friends. Sea sickness did affect some of our crew, but we still soldiered on with songs, laughter and the open sea.

We anchored in Broken Bay, filled with billions of jellyfish and a beautiful landscapes. We ate our dinner with eagerness, and were soon feeling ready for the trip. Night soon arrived, and with it, rain. White Watch was given the watch for 4-8, where we created bearings for prominent land dips, quiet seas and cleaning of Brass.

We were given the honour to wake everyone up, and we soon went ashore for a swim, and to explore the waterfall. We came back, and embarked on the journey to Lovett Bay. We were thrown in the deep end (Literally) with our Group, but negativity or fear could take us down.

We tacked and opened/closed the backstays with determination, and soon become comfortable. Our team really understood the power of teamwork, and how it can help us. This showed in our many, many practices of our knots for team competitions, and just making sure everyone was ok, and understood their job. We also learnt how to overcome our fears, with many of us jumping off the side of the boat in Lovett Bay.

We were driven with determination and the support of our peers. White Watch and the entire crew has learnt many valuable lessons, that have brought us all closer together, and have set us up for future endeavours. 10-11pm Ben, Imogen and Flynn


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