They were able experience their first time at the helm embarking on a joyous journey across the marvelous Moreton Bay
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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Bronze Youth Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20240504

FROM: Manly To: Manly

DATE: 5 May 2024

POSITION: Tangalooma, Moreton Is

REPORT: Red Watch

We woke up early at 0001. Jessica, Claudia, and Valletta took the first hour shift and did some journal activities. After the first hour, Tom, Louka and Will had their hour shift from 0100 to 0200. Andrew then took an hour shift from 0300 to 0400. At 0600, everyone woke up and had breakfast. After breakfast, there was a knot competition where we had to do the round turn two half hitches and the reef knot. We won the reef knot comp however got second in the round turn two half hitches. With a yummy surprise installed for the team, we ate scrambled eggs, toast, and baked beans before enduring our next competition which was the backstay competition.

At 8:30, we were prepared to set up the main sail, and then we set it up with Louka, Will, and Andrew on the peak halyard while Jessica, Claudia, Valletta, and Tom set up the main halyard. From the hours of 1000 – 1200 the team endured their faithful watching skills up on the main deck while Louka, Valletta, Jessica, and Claudia were able experience their first time at the helm embarking on a joyous journey across the marvelous Moreton Bay in 0 wind with the engine on 1200 rpms.

The hours of 1200 arrived quicker than a blink of an eye, where a delicious burger was cooked by the famous Louise in the kitchen. Juicy beetroot running down Will’s chin as he smiled with glee. He loved it. Andrew also loved it; he stood there up on the helm. Just as he had a flashback to when he was a young boy, “I would love to someday be able to drive the South Passage youth voyage boat”, now he stood here achieving his childhood dreams. We also discovered Will’s vocabulary is limited to “juicy” and “crusty”.

We then changed into our swimmers, and all jumped off the ship, where Will, James, and Louka kissed the mermaid once James figured out the technique, where they caught the germs of thousands of others, including 40-year-old women and 50-year-old men. Will shared his first kiss with a 30-year-old gold lady who was lowkey alright as some would say.

Most of the kids went to shore where they swam and walked, jumped off hills, and ran down sand dunes. The last boat came back by 5.

Another rope competition was held, where the red team won the bowline rope competition but lost because of Louka’s incompetency to perform even the simplest of knots (the figure 8 knot, which even complete amateurs could perform).

We shared a great dinner of bangers and mash followed up by a berry cheesecake. Later, we spent the night chatting and chilling on deck. We looked at the stars, where Will decided he should never take astronomy because he could not tell where the southern cross was. It’s true.

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