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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Central Coast Rudolph Steiner School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20181107

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 8 November 2018

POSITION: Lane Cove River

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We woke up on the cusp of dawn at the hour of 6. We then equipped ourselves with the stiff cloths which we then engulfed in tarnished liquid gold. After adequate elbow grease was applied we promptly slid leftwards and snapped up the French bugle. We bellowed our lung sockets to the max. Creating strain to our lungs and egnighting our fellow class mates lumbar fascha. We then promptly extinguished our pyjamas and slid into our luke-warm milk soaked cereals, we then got into the swift tangling of ropes competition. We hoisted the sour vang right angledly upwards. Rastus

We hoisted up the sails and began sailing laps of the harbour, going under the harbor bridge 4 TIMES. Then we went to Manly and picked up A Girl Called Jonnie, who took us for a bushwalk to see aboriginal carvings in the rocks. We then went for a chilly dip with some very annoying sea lice. We took the little dinghy back (that we got soaked in……). We were all freezing but we weren’t allowed a shower as we still had work to do. We had another knot competition (swift tangling of ropes competition), pulled up the anchor and motored to Rose Bay. Then we chilled (then wrote this story).

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