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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Central Coast Rudolph Steiner School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20181107

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 7 November 2018

POSITION: Lane Cove River

REPORT BY: Red Watch

We left school at 9:45 and we arrived at 11:00, then we walked around Sydney for about an hour. We were assigned our watch groups and saw the other group pull into harbour. We then hopped onto the boat, made our beds and had some lunch. Then we learnt how to tack and untack the sails. We also learnt how to tie a reef knot, figure eight knot, bowline knot, clove hitch knot. We had free time for 45 mins did some more sailing for a couple of hours had a rope tying competition. Our red group won. Then we hung out for a bit, then had some dinner. After we ate we had some free time and played some card games. Then had dessert.

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