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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Central Coast Rudolph Steiner School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20181105

FROM: Sydney To: Sydney

DATE: 5 November 2018

POSITION: Store Bay, Sydney Harbour

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We arrived at Tuggerah station at 6:45 and took the train to Hornsby and then went to Wynyard. We then walked to Darling Harbor where we got on South Passage and had a talk about:

R espect

O pportunity

P articipation

E njoyment

S aftey

We learnt about knot tying and about parts of the ship. Then we started learning how to put the sails up and down. We started sailing in our separate watches. After that we stopped at Store Beach for around 1 hour. Then we got back on the ship and started getting ready for dinner. For dinner we had chicken and vegetables with playing around.

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