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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180110

FROM: Sydney TO: Brisbane

DATE: 15 January 2018

POSITION: enroute to QLD

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Day 5 started off at 6.30am to the bugle, in the beautiful, windy Coffs Harbor. Everyone had had a fantastic sleep, as night watch wasn’t required for the previous night. The day started off normally as we enjoyed baked beans and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Kath faced the challenge of feeding 30 hungry mouths, and as our food supply was depleted we restocked in fresh bread and vegetables. As the winds were high and we couldn’t leave the dock, we knotted ourselves out in an intense figure of 8 competition. Blue watch reigned champions and then the backstay competition was in sight. Once all competitions were completed, all watches and crew enjoyed themselves a walk around Coffs Harbour. Once everyone was safe back on board, we enjoyed fresh bread rolls for lunch, and prepared to set sail.

As Damon edged the schooner ever so slightly the winds picked up once more. The aft of the ship was blown towards the looming steel anchor of the trawler berthed around the corner of the wharf. As we watched the anchor creep towards us the engine was kicked into forward and we returned to our wharf to wait for the ‘gale force’ winds to die back down.

When the winds died down and the trawler moved away, we found ourselves quite a crowd who helped us quickly and efficiently leave the wharf and continue our journey to Brisbane.

Once we were out of the marina we had found that the wind had eased away and the swell had risen with great intensity. With a reefed foresail (due to a tear) and jib hoisted we began our journey to our next destination, South Stradbroke Island.

However, we weren’t only met by people on land but were greeted by passing boats and a close encounter with a kite surfer. Blake & Max.


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