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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Phillips College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20181021

FROM: Coffs Harbour To: Port Stephens

DATE: 21 October 2018


REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We got off our six hour train ride at Coffs Harbour and walked for a bit until we found our boat, then we went off to find a good place to eat, most of us had fish and chips or other sea foods. When our bellies were full we set of to explore. We ran up steep foot paths and then on the hill for a bit, then we returned to the boat to go to sleep. Some of us found it hard to get used to the rocking of the boat but in the end we all had a bit of sleep. We were woken up at 0630 and started the day with some knot and sailing lessons on the ship and then we set sail. We used the motor to get out of the harbour and then it was a rush to get the sails up. The main sail took the most effort to put up. Red watch had the first shift when we left the harbour so we had a few hours until it was our turn so we played card games and snoozed for a bit, then it was our turn. Andrew

From 2:00 pm blue watch started their first watch. It was a bit rainy and cold but it was golden sunshine to us and it was really fun to be able to have the experience to control and take care of the boat. We saw some whales but one came up really close to the boat so we were able to see how large whales actually are. At one point the boat was on a massive tilt and it was really hard to move around the boat but it was a great challenge to overcome while completing our tasks during the watch. We finally anchored in Trial Bay to stop for the night at around 5:30. Once everything settled down we all became very competitive for the knot tying competitions were about to start. Unfortunately blue watch lost and white watch won but blue will win next round. After that we enjoyed our fabulous dinner of chicken drumsticks, vegies and rice and after that we had dessert which was apple Danish and custard. Some people decided to go to bed and others played card games so it was a really relaxing time of the day. At 9:15 everyone started getting into bed and others in the blue watch started their watch from nine till ten. Too soon later the next watch came from ten till eleven. During the watch we checked if the boat was in same place, the wind’s speed and direction. We then sat down and recorded all of our measurements while enjoying a nice warm drink or cookie. By eleven o’clock we gratefully jumped back into our beds getting ready for another day’s sailing. Emma

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