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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Johns College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20181015

FROM: Manly To: Coffs Harbour

DATE: 16 October 2018

POSITION: Blakesleys, North Stradbroke Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

On the 16th of October 2018, we woke up at an early hour of 6:30 after a blissful sleep on the water. The weather conditions were not looking promising the night before but we were thankful to discover that that the sun came out and the weather was pleasant. It took a while for everyone to get going but once the first breakfast was called by the legendary South Passage cook Hugh everything got underway quickly. We spread out and ate breakfast, some in the warm sun on the deck and some in the under deck dorms. As everyone was eating Hugh was underway cooking everyone a SECOND BREAKFAST, this one was hot! We ate it all up, it was quite delicious. With our stomachs satisfied we started the ship rundown, we learnt knots and got information about the ship and learnt necessary knowledge for sailing.

After our safety briefing we detached from the safety of the dock and motored out into the bay, we hoisted the sails which was quite an experience and started harnessing the power of mother nature in the form of wind to accelerate through the choppy water. We travelled around Moreton Bay in multiple circles becoming familiar with how the sailing ship ran and learning the basic sailing skills such as raising and dropping the sails and tacking. After we had practice on controlling the ship, we headed to North Stradbroke Island where we used our new skills to get us there safely.

We arrived at North Stradbroke at 5:00pm where we anchored and packed up the sails and got ready for a quick dip in the water. Before we went into the water we had a debriefing where we numbered off in our groups and were notified of what was happening for the evening session. After a refreshing swim we were all on deck for our knot tying competition between our groups. After our knot tying comp we were called down for dinner which was on par with all our other fantastic meals. We gathered and talked in our free time during and after dinner we were served desert a little while later. For the rest of the night there was games of cards socializing and bonding with fellow peers watch leaders, teachers and crew members.

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