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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Redlands College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20181008

FROM: Manly To: Manly

DATE: 8 October 2018

POSITION: Big Sandhills, Moreton Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We arrived by 9 o’clock at The William Gun Jetty at Manly. Everyone went onto the boat and set up their bunks. Once everyone was all set up we learnt how to do knots and put up the sails. We got moving around 9:30 and once everything was tied up we had lunch and got free time to ourselves, except the people who were on watch. Everyone rotates through their watch for a couple of hours.

We stopped a couple hundred metres off the shore of Moreton Island at around 4pm. Once we stopped everyone got a chance to jump off the boat and have free time in the water. At 5pm there was a knot tying competition that everyone had to participate in. The Blue Watch won the comp for the first day. After that we all got free time to ourselves. Most people chatted in groups.

For dinner we had chicken legs, rice, peas, carrots and gravy. For desert we had; apple pie, custard and cream. At night we had free time whilst everyone rotates trough their night watch.

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