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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Holiday Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180924

FROM: Manly TO: Hervey Bay

DATE: 25 Sept 2018

POSITION: Inskip Point

REPORT BY: White Watch

This morning we set off from Tangalooma, on Moreton Island at 0930. To raise the anchor, it must be rinsed with water as it is hauled in, to do this, a system is created that allows seamless substitution when someone gets tired. As someone swaps from hauling the anchor, they line up to pump the water to rinse the anchor.

Once the anchor was raised we travelled on a broad reach to sail over the sandbar and north towards Harvey Bay. Soon after we left the shelter of Moreton Island, the weather became worse. The water got choppy and the wind picked up. As the clouds rolled in, bringing promises of rain, the number of people getting seasick increased drastically. Very soon after, the rains started pouring on us. The wind picked up and made visibility low. The amount of people seasick made others sick, like a chain reaction. After each watch, the people from that watch went straight to bed.

Along the way, two vessels were set to cross our path. The first was a freighter that we contacted and between us a decision was reached that avoided any chance of a collision. The same occurred with the second boat, but it wasn’t a cargo ship, it was a fishing boat. During the trip we encountered 15 whales and one calf. On our watch, seven of the fifteen whales were spotted. There was no consistent direction between them but we didn’t see any whales travelling alone, they were always with at least one other.

After 10 hours of sailing, we arrived at the Wide Bay Bar where we relied on GPS waypoints given to us by the coastguard. These waypoints lead us safely around the breakers and in-line with the blue leads. Once they were lined up, we followed them until turning to starboard to follow a green beacon. After following it for a fair distance, the skipper found us a calm place to anchor. Once anchored for the night, White Watch did a tidy-up of the loose ropes around the boat. Our final arrival time was 2030 and all members of the crew were ready for bed.

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