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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Somerset College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180903

FROM: Bundaberg TO: Manly

DATE: 4 Sept 2018

POSITION: South White Cliffs, Fraser Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

Woke up at 0500 for our watch, it was partly cloudy however no rain or rough winds compared to yesterday, we partly saw the sunrise behind the clouds. During the watch we cleaned the brass and practiced tying knots for the competition. Cristina woke everyone up with the bugle at 0630. Cold breakfast was served at 0700. There was a knot tying competition, won by blue watch with round turn and two half hitches. After hot breakfast was served at around 0730.

We were able to jump off the boat and visit Fraser Island for several hours, swimming and playing footy (the mermaid got lucky and was kissed several times). We set sail again at 1100 heading to South White Cliffs, Fraser. Lunch was served at 1200 (very tasty 10/10 would recommend, curtesy to Hugh).

White watch began their shift at 1200 accompanied at both the beginning and end of the shift by torrential rain (oh joy). During this time the team successfully navigated the boat as well as rotating between the different stations on board. At 1700 the boat was anchored at the desired destination. The weather was relatively calm at this point, however changed quickly. At sunset there was another knot competition tying reef knots, blue watch won again. Dinner was then served at 1800.

Finally towards 2000, a talent show commenced up the fore deck. This included the lovely voice of Hugh as well as a few other team members and some great guitar playing. Finally lights out at 2100, where the white watch ladies started their night shift till 2200.

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