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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180817

FROM: Townsville TO: Mackay

DATE: 24 August 2018

POSITION: Brampton Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Currently on day 7, the ISPA Japan voyage is slowly coming to its end. Finally we had reached command day! After waking up at 5:00, Blue Watch polished the brass and witnessed a stunning sunrise at Lindeman Island. Izaac’s bugle playing was followed by the swift awakening of the newly elected command crew and other watches.  The journey towards Brampton Island began bright and early at 9:00 with Claire (Sailing Master) overseeing the sail preparation. The sail over to Brampton started slowly, as there was very little wind, but allowed for excellent whale sightings. There were too many to count!  There were whales constantly breaching as we ate our delicious chicken burrito lunch, prepared by Cath.

We finally crossed the finish line at Brampton, arriving only 10 minutes late after sailing 18 miles. The bay allowed the crew to take their final dip in the Whitsundays, which included the iconic ritual of kissing the mermaid (ship’s figurehead).  On the menu for dinner was a delightful bowl of Spag Bol and extra bread for Izaac (Carb King). Our night drew to an end after a jam-packed sods opera organised by Camille (Red Watch).

Sad to say goodbye to South Passage tomorrow and leave behind so many new friends.

For the last time from 2018 ISPA Blue Watch, Goodnight.

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