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South Passage Daily Report

Voyage: ISPA

Voyage No: 20180817

Date 23/8/18

Position: Plantation Bay, Lindeman Is

Report by Red Watch

We woke up at 0400 for a watch that went on till 0800, our watch was pleasant with no issues apart from our exhaustion. In the morning, we had cold breakie, usually followed by our daily knot comp, but today we had a backstay relay competition, (which White Watch won with flying colours).

After a hot breakfast, we went to Whitehaven Beach, which we absolutely loved. The view was breath-taking, and the beach was incredible. The watches went up to the viewpoint, and then raced down to the beach were we all jumped in the water with hurry before jumping back out after seeing some stingrays. We all had a great time, and will remember it forever.

The crew then set sail for Plantation Bay, where we lowered the anchor, and prepared the ship for bed. After dinner, the entire crew congregated in the main cabin, ready for a riveting vote. Our own Daniel won the vote of his peers for the role of Skipper. We had a magnificent day all thanks to our amazing cheerleader: Callum.

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