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South Passage Daily Report

Voyage: ISPA

Voyage No: 20180817

Date 21/8/18

Position: Nara Inlet, Hook Island

Report by Blue Watch

Double bayにアンカリング中に朝のワッチ。



Hayman Islandで泳いだ。50cmぐらいの魚に、スキッパーがパンを投げていた。


Langford Island国立公園に上陸。South passage was here!の文字を砂に描く。

展望台からSouth passageが見えた。

夕方、Nara Inletにアンカリング。晩ご飯のポークチョップがとても大きかったのが印象的だった。 Good night!

We had Morning watch while anchoring in Double Bay.

After brass polishing, Izaak and Kanon blew the bugle for getting everyone up at 6.30am.

After breakfast, we did knot competition on the clove hitch. We found a dolphin and swam at Hayman Island. The Skipper was throwing bread to about 50cm fish. They were Batfish.

Nagisa jumped into the sea doing a half rotation.


We then Landed at Langford Island National Park. South Passage was here! We drew the letters in the sand.

We could see South Passage from the observation lookout.

We then sailed and in the evening, anchored in Nara Inlet on Hook Island. It was impressive that the pork chop for dinner was very big. Good night from Blue Watch!

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