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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE NO.: 20180817

DATE: 19/8/18

POSITION: Bona Bay, Gloucester Is.

REPORT BY: White Watch.

Yesterday, White watch arose at 0400hrs to do anchor watch and polish the brass, before waking the boat up with a terrible attempt at playing the bugle. Our knot competition score is starting to spread out, with Blue watch in the lead by 2 points.

We were at anchor overnight and set sail at around 0930 with the plan to sail through for over 24hours to Hook Island. The winds picked up to around 20knots before lunch and the boat was heeling over to the port side. Everyone was falling over and holding on! White Watch was on watch from 1200 – 1500 but the mainsail was reefed before our watch, meaning the boat wasn’t as heeled over.

We saw about 6 whales over the course of the day, each one a little bit too far off.

The plan changed due to the forecast of 30knots overnight, with the new plan to anchor at Gloucester Island. White Watch scoffed down dinner before starting the 2000-2400 watch while under sail. We managed to stay awake, finding the constellations in the sky, including Pisces, Corvus, Southern Cross and the planets Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars all in a line. It was a long, freezing night, but White Watch got through and lowered the sails before handing over to the lucky Blue Watch at midnight, as we motored to our anchorage in Bano Bay.

Let’s just say, we slept well last night!

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