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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School – Group E

VOYAGE NUMBER:   20180807

FROM: Townsville  TO: Townsville

DATE: 15th August 2018

POSITION: Palm Island

REPORT BY: Red Watch


Ella Brereton and Patrick Axford

We woke up at about 7:30 at Mungulla Station and practically inhaled our breakfast we were that hungry. We ate not only what was in our assigned box but the food assigned to other groups as well.  The entirety of our group was hit with a head cold thanks to the two of us meaning we were all flat and lethargic. A quick visit to Halifax meant briefly seeing another group which lifted our spirits significantly making us all in a much more positive mindset. After that, the group faced relatively choppy weather which surprisingly had everyone laughing joyously. The intense weather got the better of some students (Alain’s face.) As soon as we docked and unloaded at Yanks Jetty, we saw another group which stood as a very significant part of our day. A quick turnover from the barge to the South Passage Vessel was implemented. A briefing about safety was given which was thoroughly enjoyed, mainly because watermelon was served alongside with it. On board, all of the students were split up into their three watch groups – Red Group, Blue Group and White Group. We were taught a lot of valuable skills such as how to raise the sails, tie a number of simple knots and lashings. Groups were informed of their night watches much to their dismay, and thankfully, we are writing this on the 8-9pm shift. We are currently anchored off the Great Palm Island facing very calm weather conditions. All in all, the day was enjoyed thoroughly by all the students and everyone is looking forward to the rest of the voyage.    


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