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Bearings and general sailing knowledge help the crew conquer the seas and start the trip to Blaksley Anchorage. Skip to content

South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Churchie Grammar School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20231120 

FROM: Manly To: Manly

DATE: 22 November 2023

POSITION: Blaksley Anchorage

REPORT: Blue Watch

This afternoon the boys were extracted from Canaipa by Sir Scott Huntington via The Hudson (the worlds greatest rubber duckie) at around 2 o’clock. The Churchie pirates embarked the marvellous South Passage, (the most glorious sailboat in the land). Once onboard the pirates were greeted by the friendly crew, and familiar face; Sir Dan Swords. Upon arrival on the ship the pirates were taught how to tie ropes and most importantly stay in time while edging their blood, sweat and tears. While edging the force of the load forced the boys to shake, grunt and moan in agony as the heavy load bore down and they had to use all their strength to edge.

As the ship began its voyage, the colours were hoisted and the thieves and Beggers began to sing the Pirate song (Yo, Ho… All Hands…Hoist the colours high). The ship rocked from side to side, threatening to throw the pirates off, but their sticky grip on the deck stopped the struggling pirates from falling off. Bearings and general sailing knowledge help the crew conquer the seas and start the trip to Blaksley Anchorage. The pirates carved the waters and finally reached the destination where they anchored up for the night.

As the clock struck six, the pirates mouths started frothing like rabid dogs, waiting for Queen Cath’s wonderful bangers and mash. As soon as the food got into captain Fletcher and Liams mouths, tears of happiness and joy rolled down their cheek as they had finally been rewarded from all of their energetic and tiring edging. The rest of the crew, after a long day of edging, were rewarded with their feed, and the pirates sat on the deck of the boat as the sun set and the nocturnal animals would take to the deck.

Sitting at the bow Hudson entertained the group with some knee slapping jokes and his impressive 11 pushups in the battle with Sir Daniel Swords, tales were told of the unspeakable things young chap Gilli Maiden had done in Thailand. Queen Cath made a Yo Ho as dessert was ready and the boys dug into the pudding. The night grew old and the boys chilled and told tales of the sea. Fletcher and Liam

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