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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School – Group D

VOYAGE NUMBER:   20180807

FROM: Townsville TO: Townsville

DATE: 14th August 2018

POSITION: Cardwell, Hinchinbrook Channel

REPORT BY: White Watch


Today on the “South Passage” many interesting and exciting techniques were taught on the boat’s deck. Activities such as steering the ship, knot tying competitions and sail duties occurred. Navigating around the sea first seemed as a daunting and difficult activity. However, the once-in-a-lifetime experience was incredible and fun upon the calm ocean. The knot tying competitions were both challenging and adrenaline filled as the separate watch teams competed to the highest of their abilities to win in the timed challenges. Although with the assistance from our great and helpful Watch Leaders, nothing could stop us from completing a seamless reef knot. Apart from the day activities, Night duties followed. These consisted of waking for one hour intervals from 8:00pm to 6:00 am (we all prayed for the 8-9pm o’clock shift of course). Throughout these late night watches we were taught important lessons such as how to read a compass, take bearings, complete log books and that jumpers are a MUST on cold and windy evenings if you don’t want to freeze. Followed by these knowledgeable activities came the heavenly breakfast that was difficult not to love. All the food cooked and prepared amongst the ship was amazing of course. All together it’s been an awesome past few days. 


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