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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180110

FROM: Sydney TO: Brisbane

DATE: 12 January 2018

POSITION: Fingal Bay

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We started our day at beautiful Refuge Cove in Broken Bay with a knot tying challenge. We are pleased to say that Blue Watch won!

We set out to sea and took up our positions on the foresail. The conditions started out relatively steady, but as the day wore on, the wind increased significantly. This resulted in many people becoming sea-sick, and the ship leaned at a 45o angle. The ship’s crew banded together and looked after each other. Many people put themselves on other people’s shifts while others helped out with water and sea-sickness tablets.

The true champion of the day was, without a doubt, Cath in the galley. She somehow managed to cook up a storm despite operating under conditions in which any lesser chef would have turned tail and run.

The biggest challenge for Blue Watch was definitely the midnight to 4am shift. Having sailed less than hoped for due to the conditions, we started the shift with much sailing ahead. This was our first time sailing at night and we had many opportunities to put our manoeuvres into action. With a reduced capacity due to illness, we kept each other going and pushed through until we reached our destination of Fingal Bay, just south of Port Stephens. A special mention here goes to Geoff, from White Watch, who stayed up with us despite his shift ending hours earlier.


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