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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: The Cathedral School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180807

FROM: Townsville TO: Townsville

DATE: 8 August 2018


REPORT BY: White Watch

Today, I had an early start; 4am! Although it was dark, windy and cold, it was still nice. Later on, we learnt how to turn the backstay on and off and how to tie figure 8 knots. White watch finally broke blue watch’s winning streak in the knot tying competition. While we were sailing, we saw some whales and dolphins! We stopped at Falcon Island for lunch, and I had a swim. Overall, today was a good day.

After an early start this morning, white watch was taught how to turn on and off the backstays and later had a competition with the other watches. Sadly, we lost but then we came second in the figure 8 knot tying competition. Afterwards, we sailed to Falcon Island for a trip onshore and spend a few hours on the beach and swimming. On the trip back to the boat we saw a pod of dolphins. Once we began to sail and left the bay, two whales began to breach and show off to us a little.

After a relatively early start this morning, our first full day was jam-packed. My watch started at 5am and was followed by polishing the brass then breaky. We learnt how to take the backstay on and off and then raced; even though we lost we still raced to the end. We stopped the boat and explored Falcon Island; a small group of us conquered the summit of the little mountain and the view was great. Another knot tying competition (that we didn’t lose) and then we dropped the sails upon darkness. The highlight of my day was seeing the whales and dolphins so close to the boat. My mum loved whales and as today was her birthday it was extra special.


After a tiringly early start this morning, day 2 began with our first watch starting at 6am until 7am, followed by a polishing of the brass, a failed attempt at the bugle and then brekky. Today we learnt how to take the backstay on and off, which we then raced the other watches at. Unfortunately, we lost. We sailed and anchored close to Falcon Island where we travelled to the Island to explore. Some of us laid upon the beach, tanning and enjoying the sun, while the others conquered the small mountain and took a glimpse of the view. Before travelling back to the boat, dolphins could be seen swimming out in the distance moving closely to the boat. Once on the boat again, we have another knot tying contest which we didn’t come last in. We sailed until after dark and later dropped the sails A whale was also seen from the boat travelling back to the spot in which the boat was anchored just that afternoon. .


Our day began with a shift from 6am to 7am where we polished the brass of the wheel, bell and sign over the stairs. At 6:30am the bugle was blown by Angus to wake up the rest of the crew. For breakfast we had an option of cereal, apple stew, porridge, scrambled eggs and toast. After breakfast the crew and a reef knot competition and then was taught how to put on and off a backstay. The blue watch won both our round robin backstay tournament and the reef knot competition; with red watch second and unfortunately white watch placed last.

After the competition the crew hoisted the anchor and motored our way to Falcon Island. Before lunch I was allowed to jump off the South passage and go for a swim in 15m deep water. A few of the boys even kissed the mermaid on the front of the ship. After our lunch of hamburgers we made our way onto Falcon Island using the dinghy. Once we were there a group of us walked majority of the way around the North side of the island along the coral shelfs. We eventually climb to the top of the island and saw the glorious view. On the way back to the boat we saw a pod of dolphins.

Once we had raised the sails and anchor for the second time today we saw two whales pop up. White watch later had an extra shift so other like me who hadn’t steered the boat could have a go and because we missed our watch as we were on the island. We had another knot contest this time it was the figure 8 knot this round was the first time white watch hadn’t lost a challenge since they got on the boat. For dinner we had sausages and mash and strawberry cheesecake for desert. My second night shift started at 10pm and finished 11pm.


After having an early start with not much sleep we woke up at 5:30 to start our shift. For the next 10 minutes we polished the bronze then at 6:30 I attempted to play the bugle to wake everyone else up. We all then had breakfast at around 7:30 which was a choice of cereal and hot. We then sailed around for the rest of the day stopping at one island and exploring around that for a few hours. After that we all came back onto the boat by the dingy then began to do the jobs until it was time for dinner.


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