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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Townsville Grammar School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180725

FROM: Townsville TO: Townsville

DATE: 28 July 2018

POSITION: Rattlesnake Is

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

Wow, I am lost for words, this trip has been a new and amazing adventure, so many new experiences, like sharing two bathrooms with 22 other people and living in such a tight living space, this has created so many new friendships because we all have to cooperate with each other and find a fast and efficient way to get everything done, in return we spend our down time with these people and find out more about them and discover that we actually have a lot in common and get along well, and without the opportunity of South Passage, we may have never have become friends even though we go to the same school and have classes together. This has truly been an opportunity of a lifetime.

On the note of today we woke up to a beautiful sunrise and when I was up for anchor watch, it was a full moon and it was starting to eclipse which in combination with all the stars in the sky and a visible red dot in the sky next to the moon which is Mars. The view was beautiful and far more attractive than any sky seen in Townsville. Later in the morning we stopped at Yanks Jetty on Orpheus Island to go for a swim and walk on the beach, and some people went snorkelling. After that we sailed for a bit towards Rattle Snake Island and Herald Island and have now anchored there for the night. We then went for a fish and caught a few. The leaders for tomorrow’s sail have been elected and I am really happy with them, but more on that tomorrow. It was a blood moon and clear skies. This has truly been an opportunity of a lifetime. Josh Murry

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