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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Townsville Grammar School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180725

FROM: Townsville TO: Townsville

DATE: 26 July 2018

POSITION: Orpheus Is

REPORT BY: White Watch

A ‘whaley’ good day today! After the obligatory 6:30 bugle call awoke some tired travellers, we ate both a hot and cold breakfast accompanied by waving whales coming to say ‘Hi’. Four whales played in Horseshoe Bay- the perfect start to our first morning on the boat. The nature encounters just kept coming, throughout the day we saw dolphins, a sea snake, flying fish, a turtle and more whales who came within 20m (basically arm reach) of the boat.

Animals aside, our first day on the boat was a huge learning curve. We put up the sails for the first time, learnt how to tack, tie knots, steer and navigate. Luckily, we were fuelled by brownies (thanks Josh’s mum!), fruit and the smell of chicken wafting up on to the deck (thanks Cath!). Finally we arrived at our destination (after 6 hours of deck duty) and anchored at Pioneer Bay (Orpheus Island). We lowered our sails and got ready to settle in for the night.

Ready to refresh and relax, we had a swim and some were lucky enough to kiss a mermaid (maybe not so lucky for the mermaid!) It was now time for some last minute knot practice, as our first competition was coming right up. The red watch took out first place for some beautiful round turn and two half hitches, however, white watch was a close second. We won’t talk about blue watch… Now, filled with dinner and ready for bed, most of us are going to sleep- but the night watch waits for nobody!

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