St Margarets Bronze Voyage
During this watch we were working hard as we had to perform multiple tacks and keep everyone safe and the ship on course. Skip to content

South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Margarets Bronze Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20230930

FROM: Manly to Manly

DATE: 30 Sept 2023


REPORT: Red Watch

The first activity that we embarked upon was a knot tying competition of the reef knot. Our team came first with the fastest time. After that, we had breakfast and went to the sand dunes at Moreton Island. There we climbed the sand dunes and swam in the water. The climb was fun, hot and tiring, however the view from the top made it worthwhile. Once we got back to the ship, we assigned our new bosun who was Dina who was a great leader.

Along the way we had burgers for lunch and learnt many new skills. The first skill we learnt was tacking, which is the process of changing the direction of the ship. This was challenging because of the harsh slant that the ship was leaning and the high winds. We also learnt how to tie a figure of eight knot, which is used as a stopper, and a bowline which is used for things such as rescuing people and bow lines on sails.

During the journey to Peel Island, we were on watch and was on rotation of the different tasks. We also went out and lay on the bowsprit. Once we arrived at Peel, we lowered the sails and anchored in Horseshoe Bay. We then participated in another knot tying competition this time with the two new knots we learnt along the way. Overall, the day was full of fun activities and new experiences for everyone.

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