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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Trinity Anglican School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180721

FROM: Cairns TO: Townsville

DATE: 23 July 2018


REPORT BY: Red Watch

Woke up at an early 5:50am morning at Dunk Island with clear sky visibility, cool temperatures and the subtle, relaxing sounds of waves and early morning birds. Despite all of this, the Red Group of myself, Jason N, Reagan, Navin, Jett and Callum had a cleaning frenzy on the helm. Using an old rag and brazo we put in all of our effort to clean the bell nearby the left of the helm. As the sun rose, we used a bugle to awaken everyone still asleep in their bunks, even though no sound was emitted they woke up by the sound of our laughter. As soon as everyone woke up we had our cold breakfast of a variety of cereals and porridge with fruit.

After breakfast, we made our way over to Dunk Island where there were non-stop gusts of salty winds in our faces and the water temperature was as cold as ice. We collected footage from our GoPros of each other jumping off the jetty when we weren’t supposed to, directed by a sign written in large letters and warning signs. After the hour-and-a-half of being on dry land, we headed back to the South Passage sailing boat. As I was one of the last groups to head back, we see Kaelan kissing the mermaid figurehead at the front of the boat and felt a slight bit of confusion. It was a challenge to climb up the slippery bobstay and kiss the mermaid.

Once we boarded back onto the sail boat we began to separate into our groups where we commenced setting the sails, specifically the jib and the staysail. After all the sails were set we navigated our way to Cardwell to drop off Jett as he was ill. Whilst he was being dropped off at shore, everyone joined in a competition to do and redo the backstay. Blue team won, with red team second and white team third. We then raised the anchor and set sail once more to our location of Lucinda. With our group on watch from 12:00pm to 3:00pm we took turns on positions. After our watch shift ended, we tied some knots that are used in general sailing.

The hours leading up to our next shift at 4pm-6pm was personal time. We ate lunch which involved spaghetti and salad. After lunch we did more knot tying. We then had a long break to ourselves and when it was time, we had a steak, hot potato and pumpkin for dinner. It was nice to have a meal after an empty stomach for the past 2 days. We then had our watch shift from 8:00pm to 12:00am. Layna

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