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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Trinity Anglican School

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180721

FROM: Cairns TO: Townsville

DATE: 22 July 2018

POSITION: Dunk Island

REPORT BY: White Watch

The day began with a 6 am wakeup call and a cold breakfast, the crew promptly set about rising the sails and making for our destination; Dunk Island. As we left Fitzroy and began to look south a pod of whales appeared not 100m from the port side, almost as if it were a sign of good luck to come. Then came a hot meal to fill our bellies with energy for the large journey to come: scrambled eggs and baked beans with toast, some amongst the crew marvelled at the size of the peanut butter jar provided to the members of the ship.

With the sails raised in an efficient and timely matter, the crew set off on their voyage of ADVENTURE! The crew sailed for multiples hours. Some slept, some read, some watched, some vomited and some played card games. Multiple tacks were performed, skills were enhanced and friendships grown. While sailing through to Dunk Island, not only did the crew see whales but also were fascinated by a large stick floating out of the water sticking upwards, seemingly lodged into something.

During the trip the crew was provided a hearty lunch followed by a delicious sausage and mash dinner. Coming into Dunk Island proved a challenge for the young sailors of South Passage due to the absence of light during the late hours of the evening. Upon approaching the land, the sails were lowered and then the anchor was smoothly dropped. Once the crew settled in for the evening, a fun game of chess and poker was undertaken, then began white watches lookout. WHITE WATCH OUT!

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