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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180707

FROM: Cairns TO: Cairns

DATE: 13 July 2018


REPORT BY: WL Barry Moore

They signed up with South Passage, to learn to sail a bit
but judging by their luggage size, we wondered if they’d fit.
We got ‘em into watches, of red or white or blue
and after sticking name tags on, we finally then shot through.

We threw them in the deep end as we sailed along quite quick.
We beat our way to Fitzroy and finally dropped the “pick”.
Despite a rock and rolling night when white watch polished brass,
we set off for a nearby reef while strong winds kicked our (bottoms).

And Sudbury Reef was welcome, we dipped our toes in sand
and those who’d been quite seasick were glad to be on “land”.
We head back to Fitzroy for a lighthouse walk for all.
Three boys were asked to risk assess potential slip and fall.

Was Jackson who had wisely said that no one was to run,
but then he did his ankle in and spoiled his bloomin’ fun.
We sailed into Port Douglas to get some “R & R”,
And everyone went everywhere – they wandered near and far.

Then came the time to leave the place. We’d have to work real quick.
We’d hoist the sails and sail on out, and wow – did ‘she’ look slick.
A prettier sight you’d never find, than “SP”s sails all set.
But showing off as we left port, was the gutsiest move you’ll get.

We sailed to Snapper Island to anchor for the night,
by now we all worked pretty good, as a team we got it right.
And going over for a swim, they asked “Are sharks about?”
But Skipper John assured them that the “Crocodiles cleaned ‘em out.”

And Hugh our cook is popular, he daily cooks a treat.
And you should see him cut the spuds, and what he does with meat.
But one crew said, “There’s something wrong. It tasted kinda bland.”
Then Kaleb same and said that he’d “Replaced the salt with sand.”

We wore life jackets when on deck it made us feel quite safe,
but Lawson whispered quietly, “I’m just beginning to chafe.”
I looked at him and then I said, “I think I see the light,”
“The problem is, from what I see, your crotch strap’s way too tight!”

We anchored near a trawler, and before they went away,
the Skipper sped across to them – we thought – to say “Gidday”.
But very soon he’s back again – on us it suddenly dawns,
his beaming smile reveals to us, he’s scored a slab of prawns.

Our journey’s nearly over now, it’s been a ton of fun.
We’ve met a bunch of nice new friends, and got a bit of sun.
We learned a lot in watches, and how to make her sail.
And things like confidence and skills, to help us never fail.

Each voyage (as the last day dawns) the students take “Command”
A sort of “legal mutiny”; much discipline it demands.
We hope like heck that they’ll recall, with training “saw the light.”
And pray their navigation keeps “Australia on the right.”

A secret ballot had been done, they voted for their peers.
Who’d run the ship, who’d plot the course, which direction she now steers?
They called the shots.  “Belay that sheet!” and “Ease the vang RIGHT NOW!”
And “tacking ho” and “two six heave.” And through the seas we’d plow.

They even sailed her into Cairns! The sails all trim and proper.
The students did us proud alright, and what a great show stopper!
But as we leave South Passage soon, amidst out new found hopes
We’ll all recall the things we’ve learnt, and what is meant by R.O.P.E.S.

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