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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180707

FROM: Cairns TO: Cairns

DATE: 11 July 2018

POSITION: Norman Reef

REPORT BY: White Watch

Waking up to an early morning call, at 4 am, white watch blew the bugle, waking up the rest of the ship. After investigating the island we had anchored behind, we set sail under a blue sky. The wind was at a perfect strength of about 20 knots with lots of swell and salty sea spay.

Gradually the day blew on, with rising swell and darkening clouds. That’s when we sailed through a channel, where reef on both sides of the ‘South Passage’ guided us slowly forward, and the grey clouds closed in, with dolphins swimming next to the bow The reef then dropped off and the heavy winds chased us forward, towards ‘Norman Reef’. Finally we arrived, dropped the sails and prepared for a knotting comp, where White watch can proudly say that we won that round of knotting.

We then had an excellent dinner of Chinese chicken with stir-fry veggie, which was a warm welcome after the chilly wind and waves. We are busily preparing for the entertainment show for tomorrow, where each watch has to come up with some sort of entertainment to perform, white watch is going to perform a war cry. It will be along the lines of;

White watch, white watch meets the test

Knotting, flaking-never rest

You’re a team that’s full of zest

White watch, white watch you’re the best.   

Hana-Lena Jenkin

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