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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: General Public Voyage

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180707

FROM: Cairns TO: Cairns

DATE: 7 July 2018

POSITION: Fitzroy Island

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

As we embarked on the 100ft long beast of a ship called the South Passage we were in for a hell of a ride and experience of a life time. As we left the Yorkeys Knob marina we felt the power of the wind and we quickly learnt this is not a leisure cruise. Half an hour into the voyage we were pulled by the strong ocean winds at tremendous speeds. We then learnt the skills of old school sailing that the 18th century used. This made us feel like we had travelled back in time to when the Europeans were looking for new lands, such as Australia.

The rough water made many of us sailors a little bit quizzy and off colour as we had not sprouted our sea legs. The ocean forced us to clench onto the railing as the boat heeled from side to side in the rough seas. This made for us work together as a team and a crew whether it was people charting the course or people helping to tack and hoist the sails.

After a long morning working we were all famished. We moved ourselves down to the ships galley to be rewarded by the chef who provided us with nutritious lunch platters which we used to make delicious ham/salami and salad rolls on which we indulged quickly.

We later arrived at Fitzy where we met a group of mischievous kids that joined us on a sea trampoline. Around sunset we were picked up from shore by the skipper in a RIB. Before rapping our mouths around a tasty chicken dinner we practised all sorts of cool and quirky knots used for sailing. For dessert we consumed scrumptious apple pie. We concluded our first day with some housekeeping and watch duties.

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