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South Passage Daily Report


VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180623

FROM: Cairns TO: Cairns

DATE: 23 June 2018

POSITION: False Cape

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We arrived at Yorkey’s knob marina at 8:00, the fruit and veg for the ship didn’t arrive until 8:30 and we were split into three groups (go blue) blue, white and red. Once we had boarded the ship we set up our bunks and got ready for the day. We were then taught how to run the boat, shown the “ropes” and safety requirements needed, each group  took in turns to run the ship in two hour slots and on the way to False Cape we passed by Cairns Harbour where we saw a wedding.

During the first day lots of the students experienced sea sickness, multiple of which vomited. The cook Cath made us a delicious lunch at about 1.00 pm which consisted of fresh knotted bread rolls, butter, ham, salami, cucumber, lettuce, cheese, carrots, beetroot, many sauces and pickles. Next number 1’s from each of the watches were then selected to do the dishes which involved two people drying and one washing.

A few students decided it would be fun to sit on the bowsprit and the netting beside it whilst some of the other students hung their legs over the side and got soaked. Once we sailed into calmer waters the sails were brought down by the three watches we then talked and practised our knots, to be told that there was no competition until the morning. We then had dinner which was marinated chicken drum sticks, rice, peas and carrots. Then there was many conversations, laughs and cards games played till about 9 pm.

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