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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: St Marys Catholic College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180618

FROM: Cairns TO: Cairns

DATE: 20 June 2018

POSITION: Milln Reef

REPORT BY: Red Watch

Well, in my books, today was successful as we had beautiful conditions, sailing was great, we had a snorkel and fun jumping off the boat, turtles and dolphins have been spotted. It was great. Once again, thanks to all the parents, teachers and crew on board who enabled this to happen, wouldn’t have happened without the team effort.

As we began to arrive at the reef, we had to take the sails down. We didn’t anchor here, unlike Fitzroy and Mission Bay; instead we moored to a public mooring buoy.  This meant that we really needed to work together to take the sails down and prepare the boat for mooring. Surprisingly we were as quick as the lightning we just saw, in taking down the sails, and in no time we were ready.

Once we settled in at Milln Reef, it started to get even more hectic. Then we took out the ladders and lowered the R.I.B. down and we were set. Snorkelling was taken in turns of watches, and red watch (us) was first. Off we went in the little boat, freezing, if I must say, but once we were in the water it was great. We saw lots of fish and coral, but unfortunately no sharks. When we got back we jumped off the side of the ship for a bit, then it got too cold so off to the showers, to get warm, we went. Bailey.

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