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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Peace Lutheran College

VOYAGE NUMBER:  20180610

FROM: Townsville TO: Cairns

DATE: 10 June 2018

POSITION: Haycock Island

REPORT BY: Blue Watch

We set sail early today and set the sails with no problems. It was relaxed throughout the day and many people got sunburnt. As we were sailing we saw a whale and dolphins along the horizon. We set anchor in a small river near Haycock Island. After that, people began playing Uno, watching the sunset and fishing, and surprisingly one was caught, only to be released soon after. Everyone was really happy with their meals of chicken wings, rice and gravy. There were no complaints for dessert either, which was custard and apple pie. As the sun when down, it created a mesmerising view, that captivated many people. It is safe to say that everyone enjoyed their day, and is excited for the next one to come.

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