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South Passage Daily Report

CLIENT: Voyage of Friends Newcastle


FROM: Newcastle TO: Brooklyn

DATE: 9 Nov 2017

POSITION: Dutchman’s Bay, Port Stephens

Report by: Red Watch

Here we are again. Back on South Passage. Is this a good idea? Time will tell..

All arrived on board around 8.30am. Some old salts and some newbies. The old salts fitted straight into the on board life with the usual cry of “what do we do now?”. The newbies quickly adapted to this approach and adopted the cry with gusto.

Newcastle put on some ordinary weather on farewelling us, a little drizzle for our departure, with a tug boat waving us out of the harbour.

Off we went.

The sea dished up some very rolly-polly swells so even the most hardened seafarer took on a green tinge. But we were away and sailing/motoring. Due to the light breeze, the engine was assisting us.

Lots of sand hills stayed on our left as we rolled our way up the coast. Fingal Bay proved to be too much of a challenge for the skipper to halt our voyage for the hardened crew to try their land legs, so we continued to Dutchman’s Beach in Port Stephens. Weather still calm and not particularly warm, but all the on-boarders had settled into their watches with White Watch taking secret rope tying tutoring to ensure they would, for the first time, win the rope tying comp. Time will tell..

Over and out from the Rebellious Red Watch.

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